My journey till now

I started researching on the cause of this issue and found plastic is mainly used by user segments like end users (for shopping), shopkeepers (for packing their products), cafes (for cutlery, plates, glasses and take away boxes) and violators in the neighbourhood are also a good reason for plastic pollution. Immediately, I knew the target plan was to reduce the plastic consumption by these user segments.One of the biggest weapons to fight against Plastic pollution is awareness. So to start with, I participated in multiple events & awareness campaigns along with NGO Zero Waste Singapore including the BYO (Bring Your Own) movement.

I started connecting with shopkeepers & end users (such as my friends, neighbours and other friends of my parents) and tried understanding their challenges and viewpoints. Everyone was aware of the issue but was still waiting to act. This was the biggest problem I had to tackle. Many didn't even have the time to talk about it. I kept asking myself - When will this stop? When will change happen? But still I went ahead on this journey and took pledge to do my part.

I understood that most of them are aware of the plastic issue but were not switching to eco-friendly bags either because of high cost in comparison to plastic bags or not getting the right supplier. This is when I decided to find the right supplier and thought of connecting the supplier with shopkeepers. Eight shopkeepers even got ready to evaluate the option to move to eco-friendly bags and registered with DiscardPlasticBags and my journey has been continuing since then.

In the whole process, I could grow as an individual. It made me believe in myself and helped me to learn how to overcome challenges and find new solutions to a problem.

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